The Anti-Trans Rhetoric Must End

An online political pundit known as Vaush recently posted a video covering a news segment detailing the assault of a transgender man who was assaulted for using the women’s restroom in a campground. The park manager had told him that since he was assigned female at birth, he had to legally use the woman’s restroom.

As terrible as it seems, the more the public is made aware of the absolute absurdity of these bills through demonstrating events such as this one, unfortunately at the suffering of Noah and many others like him, the more people start to see the truth of what these politicians are doing.

They don’t care about the people at all. Many of the laws denying trans girls from competing in high school sports goes against the policies of the high schools that have allowed them to play and compete. Town halls have been filled with parents explaining their stories. It still leaves the conservatives who will do an infinite amount of mental gymnastics to justify their hatred toward trans people, but more of the people who don’t really know the truth because they get all of their news from conservative media, including fear mongering and outright lies from their “friends” on Facebook, etc.

I’m almost at the three year point on estrogen and past a lot of the initial pains of being “clocked” as trans out in public, and I have not had an issue going into the women’s restroom a single time, although a month into hormones I had to wear a very ugly wig and I was probably only somewhat okay because I live in the San Francisco area, but I won’t have FFS until November and I am on the waitlist for vaginoplasty(already had orchiectomy at the end of February) but that should happen about a year from now if everything works out smoothly, which my entire medical team assures me it will despite my constant anxiety.

The fact that I choose to share my entire medical and social transition on the internet in order to take the power away from those who would threaten to hurt me by doxxing or at least harassing me about the fact that I’m trans at every chance they get is a huge indicator that there’s something wrong. People shouldn’t have to completely destroy their privacy by basically becoming a professional streamer or YouTuber without the benefits of having more than a few viewers or any semblance of income.

I personally am just built this way. I have always been extremely public about my thoughts and identity well before I started transitioning. In fact I came out in 2008 or so initially and then recloseted until I was 31 in 2019 after enough was enough and there were only two options left. End my life or transition. But not everyone should have to build this titanium armor that I’ve had to. It takes away all of their power, but then even after I fully medical transition it still doesn’t matter to these hateful people.

Even doing the absolute maximum amount that someone can do to protect themselves, we’re still not safe from hatred. Replace the words “trans” or “LGBTQ” in conservatives’ rhetoric with literally any other demographic such as “Black” or “Mexican” and you’ll see how evil they are.


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