Elon Musk and the Battle for Truth

I am disgusted with the way political commentators have made discourse into a sort of commodity to basically syphon off revenue from. There are a few content creators I respect who all profit from this idea of “if people get mad, I make money” and that aspect I don’t respect.

Your goal as a political commentator is to be out of a job. Period. If you truly believe the ideas you say, if you truly want humanity to do better and human rights to be a thing, you should want to be out of a job. Your goal should be to run out of things to argue.

Far too often in the political discourse space I see endless conversations or “debates” that sort of circle jerk each other endlessly. People are there for the arguing. People are there for the anger. They may care about the issues, but the thing driving attention is wrong.

Media is at a crossroads. Do we continue to seek profits by any means possible and truth be damned? Do we continue this psyop culture of manipulating data and stirring the pot in order to drive up impressions?

Or do we set our foot down and seek truth? Seek empiracal data as a guiding force for our stances on issues? Do we fan the flames of fear and dogma or do we sit down and have those difficult discussions about what humanity should be?

Twitter should be a place for truth because the world should be a place for truth. Maybe twitter will succeed in this with Elon Musk at the helm, maybe it’ll fail. But the main issue with the world today is the propogation of misinformation, manipulating media for profit.

Why are we stuck in this endless loop? The same talking points for many human rights issues have been repeated endlessly across the media. No progress has been made. Not as much as we need, at least. Whatever sells is what matters, not what benefits society. Human lives are at stake.

It’s time to stop, okay?

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